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Designing, developing and playing KEEP ME SAFE IN EUROPE. What is this game about?


How to contribute stories and episodes to KEEP ME SAFE IN EUROPE that can become part of the game.


The core work required: field expert’s educational story curation. Learning and games.

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Keep Me Safe in Europe is an open source project. Get the sources to build your educational version.


It is important to realize that the game is a tool to use for recognizing, telling and seeking help with neglect and abuse and more generally for creating awareness about these issues in young people’s lives.  In order to address neglect and abuse in a game format certain decisions had to be made that simplify what are otherwise very complex real life situations.  Relationships, for instance, in real life tend to be multi-layered and complex which makes it very difficult to represent adequately in a game. 

We recommend that both professionals and gamers use the game with this caution in mind and turn to other resources for support when necessary. 

Our website lists contact numbers for further support and can provide an initial outlet for exploring options for further help and support. The project is funded by Erasmus Plus, which is an EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. The project builds on a prototype game called ‘Keep Me Safe’ funded by the Daphne-YOU RESPOND (2010) and the study called, ‘Recognition, Telling and Seeking Help with Abuse and Neglect, funded by Office of the Children’s Commissioner in England 2014.